How do I synchronize files between Prostream and my computer?

Prostream Sync simply syncs documents between your local computer and the Prostream cloud.

How do I install the Prostream Sync

The Prostream Sync easily synchronizes files between a local disk, for example a computer or server, and the Prostream cloud. This way, you can transfer information locally in 'native' software (Microsoft Word, Revit etc) and save it in Prostream. So you always have your files at hand!

Prostream Sync synchronizes multiple organization and/or project folders. When configuring Prostream Sync, you indicate which organization folders or projects should be synchronized to which local folder or folders.

Install Prostream Sync

You only have to install Prostream Sync once to be able to synchronize locally from then on. You can see how to use the Sync in the video below.

It is important to set the Prostream Sync to an empty folder on your computer. If you are using Windows, make sure that you run the tool as user and not as administrator.

The installation is as follows:

1. Download the installation file for the correct operating system:

  • Windows, download here
  • Mac, download here

2. Follow the steps as indicated in the installation wizard. Make sure you first unpack the and then open it, otherwise it will not work.

After installing the application, it might be necessary to provide access within the operating system to actually start synchronizing.

Setting up Prostream Sync

Once the Prostream Sync is installed, go through the following steps after logging in (the screen may look different depending on the operating system).

1. Log into the Prosteam Sync. Click on Continue. A new browser window will open where you can log in using your Prostream account.

After logging in, Prostream Sync will open the screen where you can select the folders to synchronize. If this does not open automatically, click on Sync folder to start the configuration.  

Choose which organization folder(s) and or different project folders you want to synchronize and click Next. Do not select your entire Document folder or Desktop folder.Schermafbeelding 2022-03-18 om 14.25.56

Choose to which local folder you want the Prostream data to be synchronized. You can choose to synchronize all Prostream folders locally in the same folder. In that case, make sure that the checkmark Create root folder is checked. Click on Done.Schermafbeelding 2022-03-18 om 14.26.20

5.   After completing these steps, the Prostream Sync will start synchronizing files and your documents will appear in the chosen local folder. Good luck!

At the moment, it is not possible yet to use the Prostream Synch when you are already using a synchronization tool such as Google Drive or OneDrive. 

Synchronization tools usually work by creating a virtual file on your computer. It changes the file path from the file that was previously local to a connection to the virtual drive. When Prostream tries to synchronize with a local file, that path no longer exists and it cannot synchronize or it will follow the virtual path created by the other synchronization program. This can lead to the Prostream Sync using the path to synchronize different folders and files than it intended.