Prostream - Update week 1

Release #24


Search and filter in Prostream

You can now enter search queries in the search bar. Here you can also find your recent queries and this way, you're able to perform a search again. The first 10 results will be shown directly. If you want to see more results, hit enter. You'll see up to 10.000 results, where you can also add filters to refine your query. 

If you perform the same search at different times, it's possible to save it. You'll find your saved queries in the search bar. For each user, the results depend on their rights to see certain folders and files. 

In future releases, you'll be able to add email notifications to your search queries. 


Project links

You can now add a link to a project to a folder structure. You can do this both in a project as in your organization, which allows you to switch between projects quickly.