Prostream update - week 11

Release #33


12Build integration

By using the Prostream - 12Build integration, you can safely share documents from Prostream to 12Build. 


Administrators need to do two things to activate the 12Build plugin: 

Beheerders moeten dingen doen om de 12Build-plugin te activeren:

  1. Integrate your organization with 12Build using the API key and your email adress
  2. Connect the projects you want to integrate with 12Build

Read a more detailed description of the steps here. 


The 12Build icon shows if a document is shared or not. When sharing a file, choose the project in which you want the file to show up and within which phase of the project the 12Build file needs to be uploaded. 

Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 14.39.57.png 



Prostream now allows you to receive personal notifications about changes in documents, such as:

  • New documents
  • Edited document 
  • Documents with a specific status 
  • Documents with a specific characteristic 
  • etc. 

To set a notification, add a search query. After this, you can choose when and at what time you want to receive the e-mails about new updates within these queries. 

Purpose notifications

Notifications show which changes have been made. 

Notificaties laten alleen zien welke wijzigingen er zijn aangebracht. De mail bevat een link naar de opgeslagen zoekopdracht, en wanneer je de link opent, zie je het meest actuele zoekresultaat. Als er bijvoorbeeld documenten zijn toegevoegd nadat de mail is verzonden, zie je deze wel wanneer je de link opent.

Frequency and interval

How often notification emails are sent does not have to match the interval set within the search. For example: you can receive a daily notification for all new files uploaded in the past year. Prostream offers complete freedom to make your own choices.

Zoekopdracht delen

It is not possible to set up notifications for other users. You can, however, share the link to the search with someone else, so that they can set up the notifications themselves.

Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 16.11.26.png


Search bars

Unintentionally, the search bars had disappeared in various places within Prostream. These are back. In addition, you can now search in all overviews in Prostream, so that information can be found more quickly.


Upload screen always visible from now on

When uploading new versions, the upload screen was not always visible, but it is now. As a result, in certain cases fewer steps are required to edit metadata, for example.


Uploading files

When uploading multiple files, there were several bugs that caused confusion. These have now been resolved and file uploads are working as intended again.



Download name version

When downloading a version, the document name was used. This has been changed so that the name of the version is now always used when downloading.




Translations have been added and existing translations have been improved in several places.