Prostream - Update week 13

Release #33


Search in folders

Folders and subfolders can now be used as a filter for a search. This allows you to find files faster and you can set notifications for certain folders.

You search in a folder by right-clicking on it and choosing Search in this folder.


File data in its own order

You can now determine the order in which the data on these documents is displayed within your documents. By default, the name and file type are first, but changes can now be made. You can also delete them so that they are no longer visible in a specific folder.

Note: To change the order, a metadata set must be associated with the folder.


Collection folder

The new collection folder offers the possibility to perform actions on documents from different folders. This folder is a temporary storage.

Documents from multiple folders can be added to the collection folder. That way you can download files, share them or view a combined B|M view in one go. The collection folder also shows the original location of each file, so you can easily navigate there.

Files remain in the collection folder until they are deleted. Select a file to remove it from the collection.


Icons by file type

Each type of file now has its own recognizable icon.


Double click to download

You can now double-click on a file to download it.


Folder location in the search results screen

Search results now show the folder containing the file to the right of the document name, instead of below it.


Search and filter

Various improvements have been made to the search and filter:
  • Filtering on all types of fields now works properly;
  • Filtering did not work on some metadata fields. Now it is possible to filter on any kind of metadata.