Prostream - update week 2

Release #25


Last seen property for organization users

Prostream now shows when an organization user last used Prostream. This last online propperty can be found in the Users and groups module. 


Message field is cleared after sharing

After the sharing of a document, the message that was added when sending the former file was still visible. This is now solved, so the message field is empty when sharing a file. 


Menu available at subfolders

Because of a bug, the drop down menu wasn't visible at subfolders. This is now solved. 


Groups and individual rights no longer have overlap 

When granting people access, it sometimes happened that groupsrights and individual rights within organizations and groups overlapped and counteracted each other. Th is is now solved.


Version side bar now shows the right version

When you clicked on a different version, the side bar on the right still showed the meta data of the previous document. This is now solved, so the bar on the right shows the right information. 


Side bar was opened without access rights

When a user wanted to open a document they didn't have access to, an empty side bar opened. This could cause some confusion. Now, it clearly states that the user does not have the rights to view the details of the file.