Prostream update - week 34

Release #48

Tabs ‘Sent’ and ‘Received’ in message module

The message module now contains the tabs Sent and Received, so you can immediately make a change between the two types without having to apply filters. 


Sort and filter messages

In My projects you can now sort by the number of unread messages. Additionally, you can filter on projects with or without unread messages. 



Loading speed folders

Thanks to different optimilizations in the retreiving and showing of folder information, Prostream is now able to load the folder data faster. This goes for all folders, but the effect is larger for projects with a large amount of folders or folders with a lot files in it. In some situations, Prostream even shows the information up to 17 times faster than before. 


Tagging users

When you want to mention a user using an @ in a message or comment, you could also select inactive users. This was not supposed to happen, so now you can only see active users.