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How do I sync files from my local computer?

The Prostream sync synchronizes an organization or project folder with a folder on your local computer.

The Prostream Sync synchronizes multiple organization and/or project folders. When configuring Prostream Sync, you can specify which organizational folders or projects should be synced to which local folder or folders. 

You only need to install Prostream Sync once, afterwards you can start syncing locally. You can see how to use Sync in the video below.



With Prostream sync, you build a bridge between your local disk and prostream. To get started, download the sync from our website and install it on your computer. Then click on the Prostream icon at the top of your screen and choose Configure. A window will open in which you can log in and  see the folders from your organization and projects. There you can choose which folder you want to synchronize with your computer and where you want to put it. After you click on Finish, Prostream will ensure that the folders are synchronized automatically. In this way you can work on your files locally, from your Prostream folder, while at the same time they are secured online and possibly also available to others.

Note: at the moment it is not yet possible to use the Prostream Synch when you are already using a different synchronization tool such as Google Drive or OneDrive. 

That's because synchronization tools usually work by creating a virtual file on your computer. It changes the file path from the file that was previously local to a connection to the virtual drive. When Prostream tries to synchronize with a local file, that path no longer exists and it cannot synchronize or it will follow the virtual path created by the other synchronization program. This could lead to the Prostream Sync using the path to synchronize different folders and files than it intended.

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