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How do I create a metadata set on Prostream?

Metadata are data that describe the characteristics of a document, such as author, language or serial number.

With metadata you add valuable context to documents. By using metadata sets you can ensure that all documents in a folder can be provided with extra properties (items) that are relevant to your workflow.

Want to create a new metadata? Follow the steps in the video below.



In this video, we explain what metadata sets are and how you can apply them to folders. First create a set under the Metadata tab. There you can, for example, indicate that you always want project members to enter a serial number, the status or something else that's specific to your project. You can then make these fields mandatory or optional. Click on save as draft if you want to continue working on this set later, or save and publish if you want to get started right away.

Do you want to apply this set to a specific folder? Select the desired folder with the right mouse button or click on the three dots next to the folder and select apply metadata template. From the drop-down menu, select the set you just created and click save. When uploading new documents, you will now see that it is mandatory to enter the metadata you just set.

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