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How do I add users to an organization or project in Prostream?

Add users and give them different roles to easily share documents with them in Prostream.

You can add users in two different ways: on an organization or project level. Add users from your own company to your organisation and add all involved stakeholders to a project. 

You have almost completed all of the steps! Now you can start adding the users to Prostream. In the video below, we briefly explain how to do this.

The navigation menu in Prostream has been improved. You can find all users under Colleagues (at organizational level) or Project Members (at project level).

Managing roles and the associated rights for users can be done at two levels in Prostream: at the level of the organization or within a specific project. In this video we look at the roles and rights within a project.

We do this by selecting the relevant project and clicking on Users under Project members. Here you can add users. These can be people from your own organization, but also external parties, such as subcontractors. All you need is an email address. You can add a message for extra context. Use Roles and groups to determine which folders they can and cannot view. You can set up these roles yourself for each project as you like.

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