Below the Document overview is the File version screen. In addition to the different versions of the selected file, you will also find the following options by right-clicking a file version:                                                         

1. Open: download a copy of the selected version.                             

2. New comment: comment on the selected version. 
3. Approve: give the status Approve to the selected version.                             

4. Disapprove: remove the status Approve from the selected version.                             

5. Reject: give the status Reject to the selected version.                 

6. Undo reject: remove the status Reject from the selected version.                                                                                           

7. Export as drawing to Snagstream: export the file as a drawing to a Snagstream project (only possible with PDF files).     8. Create versionlink: create a versionlink of the selected version.                                                                                        

9. Import versions under: import a new version under the selected version. 

10. Cut version: cut the selected version (to paste above or under another version). 
11. Paste version above: paste the previously cut version above the selected version. 
12. Paste version down: paste the previously cut version under the selected version. 
13. Delete version: delete the selected version. 
14. Revoke QR-code
: delete a stamped QR-code.                                 

Show or hide the Version screen                        

1. Click Version screen from the Speedbuttons

The Version screen is shown or hidden (depending on the previous status).