What can I find in My Overview in Prostream?

'My Overview' is the starting point for all your work in Prostream.

When you log into Prostream, you'll see the 'My Overview' start screen. Here you can see clearly the projects you are participating in and the tasks you have on your to-do list. But there is more. On the left-hand side of the bar, you can see:

  1. Projects: this will take you to your project overview.
    1. Here you'll find all projects you're a member of. These are both projects within your own organization as well as projects of external businesses. 
    2. Tasks that have been assigned to you from different projects. 
  2. Documents: click here to find your documents. This is the place where you share information with your direct coworkers. Documents and info on projects, you'll find in that specific project. 
  3. Organization (only available for Administrators): here you can adjust settings:
    1. Meta data: the overview of the meta data sets and the possibility to create a new set.
    2. Quality control: overview of forms and snag templates
    3. Users and groups: overview of users and possibility to add new users (this can only be done by administrators), add them to projects and/or assign roles.
    4. Access: possibility to edit access rights from users (e.g. what they are allowed to see and/or edit in documents).