What is the difference between organizations and projects in Prostream?

In Prostream, you work on two different levels: organization and projects.


Within an organization you share files and tasks with people from your company. In the left menu you will see My Overview under the name of your company. Below, you will find an overview of all your projects and your tasks. You will also find the heading Documents in the left menu. There you will find all documents that have been shared within your organization.

 If you're at the organization level in Prostream, the left menu is dark purple.Scherm_afbeelding-2023-01-10-om-11.29.19


Under projects, you'll find all projects you're involved in. When creating a project, you can also enter a start and end date. You not only add your colleagues to projects, but also third parties involved in the project, such as subcontractors. Here you add documents and tasks that are important for this specific project. You will also find the forms for quality checks here.

If you're at the project level in Prostream, the left menu is light purple.