How can I remove a draft?

Remove draft

When you edit a file but forget to publish it after making the desired changes, the file will remain locked as a draft. All drafts can be found in the Toolbox from the View selection. It is possible to remove a draft from a file which will automatically unlock the file.  

1. Select the folder containing the file of which you want to remove the draft.                        

2. Right-click the desired file and click Remove draft in the Action menu. 

A notification will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete this draft. 

3. Click OK in the notification.

A notification will appear asking if you want to open the Docstream Client.                        

4. Click Open Pro4all.Docstream.Client in the notification. 

After the draft has been removed, a notification will appear indicating that the command has been completed (5). The notification will close automatically after 5 seconds.