How do I add a new user to an organization in Prostream?

To share documents in Prostream, add coworkers from your organization to Prostream.

Only administrators can add new users. 

Go in your organization to Coworkers in the left menu. Click on New user

Next, enter the email address of the person you'd like to invite and choose if they should have an administrator or user role. You can always edit this later. Click Save and the new user will receive an email with further instructions. 

If you're working with external parties, you should only invite them to the project they're working on: find out more here

You can add multiple users at once by pasting a list of users in the corresponding field in Prostream. Please note that the email addresses have to be separated by a return, as in the example below:

When multiple email addresses are copied from an excel sheet, for example, they will be separated by a return by default.