How do I add an external user to Prostream?

Add external parties to Prostream to collaborate.

Within a project, you often have to deal with external parties. In that case, it is convenient when these parties also have access to a project within Prostream and can view certain documents. 

It is possible to add an external user to Prostream, but be aware that this requires an action from that person. This is why you should notify them so they can keep an eye on their inbox! 

1. Go to the project you want to add a new user to. In the left side menu, select Project members

2. Click on Add external user.

3. A pop-up appears. Enter the e-mail address of the new user.

4. Then enter the project role of the new user and click on Save.

5. The external user will receive a mail with the confirmation and login.

 If the new user does not have a Prostream account yet, they can create an account through the link in the invitation mail.