Prostream update - week 36

Release #50

Send messages to groups

It is now possible to send messages to groups in the message box.

The same metadata fields in a different set

When you apply a different metadata set within a folder, and the old and new set contained the same fields, the answers were not included in the transfer. This has been fixed, leaving the answers for the same fields.

Folders with the same name

It was temporarily possible to create a folder with the same name as another folder. Because this can cause confusion, this is no longer possible.

Unlock documents with metadata fields in the download name

Adding metadata to a file's download name caused problems when a document was edited locally and then re-uploaded. This has been fixed: the name is now checked against the metadata set.

Buttons in the side panel

Some buttons in the side panel on the right side of the document overview did not always work. This has been resolved: all buttons are working properly again.

Blue screen at status or selection field

A bug caused you to see a blue screen when you selected a status or selection field in metadata. This has now been resolved.