Prostream update - week 2.2, 2024

Release #71

Improvement: Download all attachments

If you receive multiple files in the message box, download them all at once as a ZIP file.

Improvement: Long list in a dropdown field

If you had many different options in, for example, a metadata selection field, you would initially only see five items. This has been adjusted, you now see as many items as fit on your screen.

Issue resolved: PDFtron in read-only

If you did not have editing rights for a file, or the file had already been finalized, you could still make adjustments in PDFtron. This has been resolved: when you now want to open a final file or a file for which you do not have editing rights, PDFtron opens as read-only.

Issue resolved: Version number

When you uploaded a new version of a file, the version number remained the same. This now simply counts the correct number of versions.