Prostream update - week 33

Release #46



With the Prostream message module you can now send messages to other Prostream users, both within your organization and within a project. Messages can be provided with a subject, a recipient (and optionally CC and BCC). Add files directly from your Prostream environment or local disk.

You will find all messages in the overview. Here you can filter and sort and see which messages have been (un)read. The number of unread messages (both within the organization and within a project) is displayed in the navigation menu.

It is not yet possible to send messages to groups or to create drafts. This is being worked on.


Download name

You can now create a download name for your files per metadata set. This download name is used as the document name when downloading the file, replacing a fixed version or document name. This download name can be composed of all metadata and standard fields used in the metadata set. Combine the fields with various hyphens. When the metadata set is applied to a folder, the download name is used when downloading a document.

Setting up a metadata set and applying it to a folder, including any subfolders, is only possible for administrators within Prostream.


Invite external users

When you invite an external user, but they have the same e-mail extension as you (for example both, you will receive a notification. This can mean that you accidentally add a colleague as an external user. In this situation you can now use a link to navigate to the right place to add colleagues.


Moving files

When you move more than 20 files at a time, Prostream displays a message that the move may take longer due to the large number of files.



When sharing files, all integrations were shown as options, even if they were not configured for the organization or project. This caused confusion: Prostream therefore now only shows the integrations that are actually active.



When you applied a filter to a document or user overview in Prostream, it was sometimes not saved properly. As a result, when you reopened the overview, you could no longer see these filters and had to set them up again. The settings are now correctly remembered, so this is no longer necessary.


Comments in the version screen

There was a temporary issue where comments on a version were not visible in the version screen. This has now been fixed, and all comments are displayed clearly and neatly again.


Assign permissions to external users

In some cases, external users were not visible until they activated their account. This made it impossible to grant rights to these users in advance, so that the Prostream setup could not be completed. This has now been resolved: users who have not yet accepted the invitation are also displayed in the rights screens.