Prostream update - week 38

Release #51

Search the message box

You can now search your messages by subject, message content, recipient(s) and sender.

Attachment in log

You can now also see when documents were sent as attachments in a message. This can be found in the log of the document.

Search results in folder

User saw no results when searching a folder. This has been resolved.

Add files to a folder without permissions

Users could add files to a folder to which they did not have permission by dragging and dropping. This is no longer possible.

Storing metadata

New metadata sets and items could not be saved due to a bug, this has now been resolved.

Last edited

The Last Modified field was automatically empty when uploading a new version. Now the date of uploading the latest version can be seen here.

Integration status

When a document was integrated with Snagstream or 12Build and the page was refreshed, the document's integration status disappeared. This has been resolved.

Folder access rights

When a user had access to a main folder in the document overview and a subfolder was added to that main folder, the user could not see that subfolder unless specific rights were given. This is now fixed, the user can see all subfolders under the main folder.