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How do I open and edit Snags or surveys on the Snagstream website?

1. After selecting the desired project, click Snags or Surveys under the project name.

The Snags/Surveys screen will open with an overview of all added Snags/surveys.

2. Click the Snag/ survey you want to open in the Snag/survey overview.

A new window (3) is opened in which you can edit all data of the selected Snag/survey.

On the right side of the window you will find the location of the Snag/survey on the drawing and the following features:

  1. Go to the previous Snag/survey from the overview.

  2. Go to the next Snag/survey from the overview.

  3. View the location of the Snag/survey on the drawing.

  4. View the history of the Snag/survey.

  5. View all properties of the Snag/survey.