Prostream update - week 3, 2024

Release #72

Improvement: Job title

From now on you can also add your job title in your Prostream profile. This way we can help you better when a problem arises.

Improvement: Download name for integrations

When a document is shared with another application through an integration, the set download name is used.

Improvement: 'Show more' button is gone

In comments and messages, a 'More' button was shown when more than two attachments were added. This was often overlooked, making messages appear complete. Therefore, the complete list of attachments is now shown.

Problem solved: Uploading new files

Due to a bug, new waterproof files were not shown in the document overview. This has been resolved.

Problem solved: PDFtron from Microsoft Office

You can only open a Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint or Word document with the Microsoft Office integration, and no longer with PDFtron. This prevents multiple versions of a file from coexisting when users work in both tools at the same time.