How do I create a Rights matrix?

Rights matrix

The Rights matrix is an overview of the rights of all users and groups on a project or folder. The overview is exported as an Excel file.                        

1. Right-click the desired project, folder or subfolder and click Rights matrix in the Action menu. 

A new window is opened.                        

2. Select if you want to show Only users, Only groups, or Groups and users in the overview.                             3. Click Ok. 

The Rights matrix is exported as an Excel file. Click the file to open it. (4)   

The Rights matrix contains the following elements:                        

5. The folder structure of the selected project or folder.                             

6. The authorized group(s).                             

7. The authorized users from a group.                             

8. The authorized users without a group.                             

9. The current rights/permissions of a group or user.